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Image by Annie Spratt


Dear Reader:​

Allow me to comment on Dr. Raffi.

I have had the pleasure of being a client of Raffi's for many years. Having suffered from back problems for near forty years I had just about given up hope. Being a person of some means I had the resources to seek the best and eventually found that in Raffi. 

My family also began taking their various issues to Raffi, as did friends and members of my larger community . All came away with similar responses: that he was short of amazing.

Over these years I have also appreciated the international reputation Raffi has developed with sports teams and people of influence.

Clearly our loss here is your gain as Raffi begins working in your area. 

I am so sure of his competence that - will gladly reimburse you for the cost of a visit to him if you are not completely satisfied.

Your are about to meet a very talented and wildly sincere individual who will work hard to help you with challenges.​

Image by Dane Wetton


I was referred to Dr. Raffi (as we affectionately call him) over 4 years ago by a good friend of mine when I was training for my first triathlon. 

He is a talented professional chiropractor who understands the human body and training injuries that occur as we all strive to successfully cross the finish line in our sport of choice (or just life). Dr. Raffi makes you feel at ease right from the first appointment and loses no time targeting your problem areas. 

I always feel 100+% better after leaving his office and wish that I could make time for an appointment once a week! 

Dr. Raffi freely offers great advice in how to keep our bodies healthy and injuries at bay, as well as providing excellent training tips. He leads by example and is an inspiration to us all in the athletic accomplishments he has achieved. Best said, Dr. Raffi walks his talk! He is deeply interested in our health and well-being and is a trusted and respected health care professional one of the best I have ever experienced. 

I have worked with a number of chiropractors over the years and would give Dr. Raffi my highest recommendation. Dr. Raffi will be greatly missed in the Vancouver area and we wish him the best wherever his path may take him.

Image by Andrew "Donovan" Valdivia


Dr Raffi is not your average chiropractor, he is truly a healer. He is also an elite cyclist and Ironman triathlete which gives him a special knowledge base when dealing with athletes. 

I know this from personal experience. I am a family physician and weekend athlete. I had suffered from hip pain for years and had been through the mill of doctors, xrays, and physiotherapy, but still I could not run without pain.

It "wasn't" until I met and started working with Dr Raffi that my problem was diagnosed (psoas tendinopathy) and solved with a combination of active release, deep tissue massage, and chiropractic adjustments. The icing on the cake was a stretch and strength program he designed for me for rehabilitation and prevention.

I was pain free and so happy! Based on my success, I began to refer patients to him. Time and time again I heard how his special knack for listening and his approach of hands-on therapy combined with a rehab program really helped people recover and return to optimum function. 

It has been 10 years now since I met Dr Raffi and I have not had a recurrence of my hip pain thanks to the prevention program he gave me back then. 

I am so grateful to him for my fitness and health, and for all of the patients he helped over the years. I wish him luck in his new community- you are so lucky to have him!

Image by bruce mars


Though I only had a few treatments from you before beginning my four month cycle tour of SE Asia in October last year I have since spent eight months traveling throughout Sweden, Finland and Norway.

I will be returning to my new home Vancouver in late October and am preparing to enter a new career in Law. Back to studies in 2011 and will have my foot in the door of a Law firm before too long.

Your kindness in not only aligning my spine but adjusting my cleats and bike for the journey I was about to undertake as a novice rider, your generosity in loaning me one of your racing helmets that had better ventilation than the one I had put me in very good stead.

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