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Chiropractic Manipulation

Spinal Adjustments are specific directed forces applied to the joints of the body by hand. Spinal adjustments help to normalize joint movement and nerve flow to the tissues of the body. Proper spinal adjustments are foundational for the following methods to have optimum effect. Joints need to move well before they move more.

Physical Therapy

Dynamic Functional Stability Exercises

Exercise and functional rehabilitation program based on your individual needs will be prescribed as well as ergonomic assessment both on and off your bike, your gait analysis, and workstation ergonomics will be considered. Teaching simple strategies that will have a direct impact on your well being and optimize your performance.


Individualize Golf Program Analysis

Comprehensive analysis of biomechanics balanced with mind body connection allowing individualized programs are designed to reach both your peak physical and mental game.

The latest science and physical therapy techniques are utilized to help achieve the fastest results both physically and mentally .

International Performance
Mind Body Connection

Using PGA tour experience to approach both mental and physical aspects of performance. With the most innovative mind body approach analysis combined with the innovation of sports science most current research is implemented to provide quick results for specific needs at all levels of performance.

Avatar Analysis 
by Kinetisense

Real time movement analysis, that allows us to gain important data and information regarding unhealthy movement patterns. These patterns are what may be hindering performance and leading to pain and discomfort.

Compression Cryo Therapy

Active compression and cold therapy technology used for injury treatment and postoperative recovery. 

Child Physiotherapy

KT Taping

Adds extra joint support to help speed up healing in both athletic and non-athletic injuries. Kinesiotaping and Ergonomic Assessment for individual needs is key to avoiding reoccurrence and minimizing compensation.

Sports Injury

Normatec Compression Therapy

Recovery system compression devices that enhances the overall natural healing of the body. Restores muscle tissue, and reduces soreness and tightness.


Cupping Therapy

Enhances circulation to reduce pain, and remove toxins present in the body's tissues. Relaxation of soft tissue eliminates stress of ligaments, tendons, and joints. 


Percussion Therapy

Active Myofascial Release is an advanced method of active fascial therapy, and is a key component of every stretch session. Engaging the muscle while being stimulated with our high velocity percussion tool, through the entire range of motion, is a critical element to enhancing mobility. Traditional methods work on a muscle that is “relaxed”. The difference is that AMR works on a muscle that is actively moving, engaging the brain and resetting the neurological pathways.


Scraping Therapy

Helps breakup any adhesions in muscle tissue that may have been missed by percussion devices. Helps release fascia restrictions, ultimately speeding the process towards optimal functioning. 


Custom Foot Orthotics & Gait Analysis

Even a small functional problem in the feet can place uncomfortable stress on the body, specifically the ankles, knees, hips, and low back. For many people, pain may start from the ground up, so prescription orthotics can help. Please ask for further information or a complimentary gait analysis.

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