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Book Your Appointment.

BermudaSportsLab, LTD

Main Floor, Mintflower, 8 Par-La-Ville Rd.  

Tel: 441-705-4444

Allow for up to 20 minutes for your initial consultation or follow up sessions.

 Book your appointment via our online click here, appointment calendar.

Fee Schedule:

$30 co-pay when you have insurance in Bermuda

Health Care Insurance may cover all or part of the fee. Please consult your insurer for further information. 


All NEW patience's are to fill out the following Bermuda Sports Lab intake and informed consent form. This will inform us the status of your health history, chief complaint current or old injuries. If you are a returning patient, you do not need to fill out the form for a second time, however, if there are any changes to your health status, personal information, or any other aspects of the form, please fill out the form again. 

Image by Reilly Durfy
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