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Movement Cures




In simple terms, fascia is a thin sheath that wraps around our muscles and organs, offering support and reducing friction during movement. Fascia wraps around the muscle, and is weaved within to provide smooth movement between fibres. 

Injury, poor postural habits, stress induced muscle tension, physical inactivity and dehydration can cause the fascia to become unhealthy. Over time, adhesions and scar tissue build up to restrict the movement of the muscles and fascia resetting your neurological pathways to become less responsive.



Stretch Your Body / Fuel Your Soul
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Functional Movement Therapy
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Dr. Titizian has developed protocols that combine the most advanced tools and science providing the most affective long lasting results to your neuromusculoskeletal system.

Active muscles are learning and sending signals to the brain, ultimately leading to constant adaptation. Static muscles, either in a stretch or in a massage, are NOT active at all, and thus, take substantially longer to adapt, IF they adapt at all.

Using a high velocity device via percussion tool that we so affectionately refer to as “The Gun”, we unlock your body’s fascial neuromuscular pathways with a pulsing mild pressure that acts very similar to a massage… only so much more effective. During the pulse we actively engage the muscle and move it through the entire range of motion while stimulating the nervous system. This combination produces immediate results, as well as long-term retraining of the neural programming of your myofascial connections. BOOM!


Now you know the secret! Massage alone is passive, and so is static stretching. Once you make it active you unlock the muscle and the magic of what your body is capable of. 

This technique uses fast, targeted pulses to aid in your body’s tissue growth and repair. This type of vibration has even been shown to cause your body to produce osteoblasts (the cells that build your bones), increase blood flow, stimulate nerve receptors which immediately communicate with the brain, and reeducate the pathway from muscle to brain. Our FNS technique also helps relax sore, stiff muscles, improves mobility and range of motion, and accelerates warmup and recovery time for many clients. And it feels AMAZING!!!

Activating the muscle with the targeted pulse helps break up scar tissue (adhesions) and help release entrapped nerves so your muscles, joints and nerves can move freely again.


To fully understand why SCS is the best stretching technique in the world, you must first have a basic understanding of what ACTUALLY happens when you stretch a muscle. Although it’s a common assumption, muscles don’t exactly work like elastic bands. While there is an elastic property to muscle and tendons, when you stretch you don’t actually make the muscle longer. 

The muscle is fixed to tendons and those tendons are anchored to your skeletal system. There is no changing the shape of that.

 The muscles ability to “stretch” is a direct result of your nervous system’s ability to handle the pressure in any given range of motion. Your body is constantly sending signals back and forth between your nervous system and your muscles. It’s literally how we move. 

If you were to be pushed, why don’t you fall down? How is it you stumble, adjust, and recover so that you don’t end up on the ground? It’s because the proprioceptors (nerve endings) in your feet send a signal up through your spine and to your brain as soon as they felt a loss of balance that said, “Buddy we are about to take a spill here… do something!”. The brain then sends a signal back down through the spine, through the nerves, and to your muscles. The muscles then take these instructions sent from the brain, and carry out the specific motor command, ultimately allowing you to regain your balance. 

Image by Annie Spratt

And you didn’t even know it was happening! That’s how incredible (and how fast) the communication is between the muscles and nervous system. 

So let’s apply that to stretching…You hold a static stretch and the muscle tells your body, “we are comfortable here, hang out, don’t worry, everything is safe”. A lukewarm sentiment, at best....least in the face of trying to create an effective change. So you hold for 30 seconds and there is only passive, slight learning which does not always have a elating impact as the neurological system was not reprogrammed.

With SCS stretching we begin with finding a comfortable stretch near your end range. From there, we have you actively engage the muscle and contract IN the stretch. This (in basic terms) sends a signal to your nervous system and tells it “we are safe here, we are strong and we can push further”. After the contraction, you then relax the muscle again, and because the nervous system has been communicated with and has learned, the range of motion immediately increases. This does NOT happen with ANY other form of stretching! And we repeat that cycle several times. This is completely different from any other form of stretching because we are actively rewiring the communication channels between the body and the brain, telling the body over and over again that it is safe to allow for an increased range of motion. That is why there are immediate results (and relief) with SCS and almost no immediate results with other forms of stretching. 




The passive portion of the Bermuda Stretch Lab session involves us passively moving your muscles while using our Facilitated Neuromuscular Stimulation technique. During this portion, we utilize a high amplitude, high frequency percussion device while passively moving your muscle through the full range of motion. This FNS stimulus can lead to the healthy remodeling of soft tissues by applying mechanical stress, ultimately leading to adaptations within the tissues as well as creating an enhanced neural pathway to and from the brain. The localized pressure and vibration from the percussion device also causes increased blood flow and thixotropy (muscles and fluids become less viscous with mechanical stress, leading to the feeling of being more flexible). 



The active portion of the Bermuda Stretch Lab session involves YOU actively engaging the muscle while we utilize active Facilitated Neuromuscular Stimulation, Strain Counter Strain stretching, and active cupping therapy. During this portion, we utilize a high amplitude, high frequency percussion device while you actively move the targeted muscle through the full range of motion. The added mechanical stress with FNS percussion improves neural pathways, breaks down fascial adhesions, and increases blood flow and thixotropy to the surrounding tissues, ultimately improving overall function and performance. We combine this with SCS stretching to allow your body to get accustomed to given pressures in any given range of motion. Finally, we use active Cupping therapy to further increase blood flow and nutrient exchange, decrease soft tissue restrictions and adhesions, and improve range of motion. These active movement patterns, while using FNS, SCS, and Cupping, actively reset your neural patterns and allow for decreased pain and stiffness, improved range of motion, increased oxygen and nutrient delivery, and improved function and health of soft tissues. 

Functional Movement

The functional movement portion of the Bermuda Stretch Lab session involves activeFacilitated Neuromuscular Stimulation. In this phase YOU will actively move the muscle through the full range of motion, with an applied load or resistance to the specific muscle.The high amplitude, high frequency percussion device adds mechanical stress, stimulating active neuromuscular pathway adaptations, while also improving the distribution of fluids within the fascia, ultimately allowing for optimal movement patterns. Adding Functional Movement with resistance to the specific muscle better represents the everyday stressors or specific exercise patterns placed on your body. It allows for a more functional adaptation of the tissues and neurological feedback loop to your brain to optimize your body's health and performance.

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